02 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
06 October, Monday
03:00 PM
1st Term Withdraw Deadline
11:59 PM
07 October, Tuesday
Devotional: Mark Callister, Communications
11:05 AM
09 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
14 October, Tuesday
Devotional: Homecoming Opening Ceremonies
11:05 AM
16 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
21 October, Tuesday
Last Day of 1st Term
12:00 AM
23 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
Thomas L. Packer’s PhD Dissertation Defense

Title: Scalable Detection, Recognition, Extraction, and Structuring of Data from Lists in OCRed Text for Ontology Population using Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Active Wrapper Induction
Monday, October 6th at 3:00 pm
In 3350 TMCB (CS Conference Room)
Advisor:  Dave Embley